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  • In April (20th and 21st April) 2000, Network Movement for Justice and Development, collaborated with CSM-SL in holding regional and national Consultations on Mining in Sierra Leone. These consultations aimed at influencing the mining policy and sensitizing the entire populace on the impact of mining in Sierra Leone.
  • In commemoration of the first anniversary of the Lomé Peace Agreement, the CSM-SL facilitated an evaluation seminar on the Lomé Peace Accord. This seminar took place on 5th –7th July 2000. Participants to the evaluation seminar were drawn from CSM-SL Task Force Members in all the regions.
  • CSM-SL in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Teachers Union organized a National Consultative Conference of Education Stakeholders from 28th – 30th November 2000. The rationale for this consultation was to address the educational needs of post war Sierra Leone.
  • Nationwide consultations conducted from 1st February 2001 to 3rd March 2001 by the Movement on Building a stronger Civil Society for Peace, Good Governance and National Development in Sierra Leone”
  • On September 16th, 2001, CSM-SL served as a convener for a retreat of civil society groups that led to the drawing up of Code of Conduct as voluntary standards for domestic election observation in Sierra Leone. This retreat was facilitated by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.
  • CSM-SL collaborated with the National Commission for Democracy and Human Right in organizing a national consultative conference on peace and democracy in Sierra Leone from 13th – 15th November 2001. This conference led to the national acceptance of the electoral system proposed by NEC.
  • Since 2008, over 50 students on internship programme from the Peace and Conflict department (FBC) have been admitted, supervised and evaluated by staff at the CSM Secretariat.

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