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Civil Society Movement-Sierra Leone provide diverse representations in National Commissions, Committees and Government Board including:

  • The Commission for the Consolidation of Peace (CCP), a Commission provided for in the Lomé Peace Accord.
  • National Electoral Commission Consultative Committee of Stakeholders in the election process.
  • City council of Freetown Committee of Management.
  • Board of the Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority.
  • Task Force reviewing the Sierra Leone Police Act of 1964.
  • National War Memorial and Thanksgiving Committee set up to all those who had fallen in all wars since the Second Word War.
  • Technical Committee of Peace and Development Initiative under the Governance reform Secretariat.
  • National Registration Board in respect of Central Data International Ltd. that is charge with the task of producing National Identity cards.
  • National Recovery Committee for the Restoration of Civil Authority in Sierra Leone.
  • National Sensitization Committee on the West African Monetary Zone. A Project for the introduction of a common currency in six West Africa countries.
  • Anti-corruption Commission Networking of civil society groups.

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