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About us - Aims & Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the Movement includes:

  1. To effectively mobilise, sensitise civil society and express public opinion (Nationally and Internationally) on matters affecting the general welfare of the people of Sierra Leone and on issues affecting any particular sector of the society or member(s) of the Movement.
  2. To contribute to the activities/programmes of Government and other Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to ensure that they enhance civil society and overall national development.
  3. To undertake educational, health, social and economic development programmes that will promote the welfare of the people.
  4. To advise and promote any plan of action in the interest and welfare of civil society.
  5. To make representation to Government or any accredited body, nationally and internationally on matters affecting the welfare of the people or members/member organizations of the Movement.
  6. To represent the Movement on bodies that has similar aims and objectives with the Movement nationally and internationally as and when required.
  7. To organise civic education programmes and such other education programmes, with a view to maintaining a high standard of performance of the Movement and to raise the standard of awareness of the people on matters affecting the society.

  8. To defend, promote and sustain democracy and human rights in Sierra Leone.

  9. To support the empowerment of women and children and other disadvantaged/handicapped groups in the society and to participate on matters affecting them or of public interest.

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